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[Mod Post] Premise

Starting nine years after Urahara Kisuke becomes captain, both Kurotsuchi Mayuri and Urahara Kisuke are experimenting within their new institute of Research and Development. But at the same time strange things are happening in Rukongai: souls are disappearing, leaving only their clothing behind, and there’s been a large influx of Hollows entering Soul Society. In accordance with these unusual circumstances, the Gotei 13 have been kept busy with investigations of these bizarre and worrying occurrences, which are not merely limited to the Rukongai incidents. Shinigami are also being affected - captains, lieutenants, and other highly ranked squad members are coming and going at a ridiculously quick rate. Some disappear and are never seen again, some are found dead, and still others are being promoted to higher positions to fill in for those who have disappeared.

Despite the grave nature of the situation, Rukongai has been ignored for months due to the indifference of the noble clans. The souls who inhabit Rukongai are growing restless and fearful, directing this attitude at the Shinigami who are trying to help them, and the noble clans who are, perhaps, directing the Gotei 13's attention towards the arguably more "important" and less frequent disappearances of clan members. It is becoming increasingly apparent that conflict between Rukongai and Seireitei is inevitable, especially because of the heavy influence the noble families have over the way Soul Society is being run. While it is true the Central 46 are in charge of the Gotei 13, it is clear that the traditional views held and enforced by the four noble clans are a formidable force to contend with -- even when the vast majority of the newest groups of shinigami recruits have their roots in Rukongai and not the wealthy families, as it had once been.

Thus, not only are there suspicious activities being conducted in Soul Society, and dangers lurking in the not-so-distant future, but there is also a cultural revolution looming. On one hand are the nobles, who believe that purer bloodlines are better, that the traditional ways are best, that the economic and social stratification represents a divide between perfection and imperfection. On the other hand there are the shinigami who were born in Rukongai, and who are suddenly formulating the vast majority of the Gotei 13: those who believe that science should be taken to the next level, that progress should be made for the sake of progress, and that money is not truly a measure of an individual's worth.

Beneath the surface of this seemingly perfect afterlife, there's a storm brewing, and it's only a matter of time before the cloud cover breaks.

Noble Families: Yamamoto, Shihouin, Shiba, Kuchiki

Minor Nobility: Ukitake, Kira, Kyouraku


April 2008

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