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[MOD POST] rules


[1] Be respectful of everyone in the game. If there are disagreements, settle them privately, in a calm, mature fashion. Or, report the conflict to the mods for mediation.

[2] Players must write in character. An Out of Character warning will be sent to a player if the mods feel that a character has become too OOC; that is, if the character has become nearly unrecognisable from their canon roots. If the player does not make adequate adjustments, the warning will turn into a strike.

[3] Just because a character behaves a certain way does not mean a player thinks like the character. The characters should be realistic, and real people can be homophobic, prejudiced, rude, selfish, or even violent. They can also be shy, wilting doormats. If you cannot separate character from player, this game may not be for you.

[4] The participation requirements are as follows: You must have at least one log posted on the turnthependulum community page per month per character. (2 chars = 2 logs per month). We understand that some logs move slowly. Leniency will be granted if we see that you are working on at least two logs. If this requirement is not met, you may be given a strike.

[5] Check with the mods before you plan on doing anything with a character that will heavily move the plot. Games need to move and grow, so it is likely that the mods will give you the go-ahead. It is the mods’ duty to ensure that all current plots run in coordination and do not contradict one another.

[6] God Moding/Powerplaying are not permitted (with the exception of application writing samples). God Moding is when you control the actions of another player and his or her character, thus limiting that player/char’s ability to act, think, or speak for themselves. For example, Renji’s player shouldn’t write that Byakuya responded to his knock-knock joke with a hearty chuckle when Bya has done no such thing. Bya is then forced to chuckle or the log will end up incongruous. Powerplaying is when players/chars control actions/feelings/personality of un-played characters. For example, Gin’s player shouldn’t write that (an un-played) Tousen jogs on a treadmill every morning. Only the person who ends up playing Tousen can decide what he does in the morning.

[7] However, Autoing is allowed. Autoing another character means you’re describing something the char is already doing or is obviously about to do. If Yoruichi gets up with the clear intention of walking to the door, Kisuke’s player could then write the two of them walking to the door--focusing on Kisuke, and his thoughts and actions, of course.

[8] This is a writing-based game. We expect all players to take the writing seriously, and to proofread, spell-check, and grammar-check all logs before posting. Important: If your logs are sloppy and full of spelling/grammar errors, the mods will pull the log down until it has been proofed and polished. Exception: Misspellings that denote an accent or speech pattern are completely acceptable. Smileys, netspeak, and IM symbols are not to be used in logs, unless a tag or full log is meant to be a text, IM, or email.

[9] Three strikes and you're out. Strikes may be given for rudeness, bad attitude, mistreating or disrespecting other players, and failure to follow the rules and guidelines (jackass strike); lack of participation, failure to meet posting requirements, failure to plot and log with multiple players, and failure to develop your character within the basic storyline (participation strike); ignoring an OOC warning, focusing on crack or OOC logs. Easy enough.

[10] The standard character limit is two per player. No one is allowed to apply for a third within a month of joining, and the overall limit is currently set at four characters. If you happen to be that crazy, you can try convince the mods why you deserve a fifth. Just realize that most likely, we won't give it to you--for both your sanity and ours.

[11] You are permitted to take a hiatus when you need one. A hiatus should exceed no longer than three weeks, unless there is a great emergency. Emergency hiatuses will be given, but you must email the mods at turnthemods@gmail.com so they know what's going on. For most hiatuses, you will be given two weeks. Hiatuses should not be close to one another, unless there is some sort of emergency. Such hiatuses will be judged by the mods on a case by case basis.

[12] The mods may amend or update these rules at any given time. When rules are amended, the players will always be informed via the OOC community. Again, any questions, comments, concerns, conflicts, and so on should be directed to turnthemods@gmail.com


[1] You may have no more than one captain and one lieutenant as your characters. This is to ensure that all the RP's power will not end up in the hands of one or two players. There is no limit to the number of regularly ranked shinigami you may have.

[2] You may have no more than one character per division. This means that you can't have two characters in the 12th Squad. This also applies to the academy-aged characters. EX: You may not take both Shuuhei and Hanatarou or Mayuri and Hiyori.

[3] You may not take two characters who must interact very often with one another and who have a canon relationship. This means you may not take two best friends (i.e: Yoruichi and Urahara), two family members (i.e: Ganjyu and Kaien), or two lovers (i.e: Byakuya and Hisana).

[4] Players are allowed to apply for a lieutenant or seated position if their character has no determined position at this time. Please keep in mind, though, of canon and future situations. Ex: Ikkaku can be apped as the third seat (or a lower rank) of the 11th division, but not as the lieutenant because in the future, he never gets a higher rank than third seat.

[5] In order to get a first character: Just apply.
In order to get a second character: Just apply.
In order to get a third character: At least 5 logs for each character you play. You may not get your third character until you have been in the game for at least a month.
In order to get a fourth character: At least 5 logs for each character you play, but you must have at least 35 logs in total. This is to ensure that you are actually being active with the characters you currently have.
currently, we do not allow fifth characters: However, this may change as the roleplay continues.

All rules are subject to change.


April 2008

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