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[MOD POST] Kidou/Demon Arts

Taken from Bleach7, this is probably not an up to date list, but that's not really necessary:
Bakudou #1 - Sai ("Obstruction") This spell is used to paralyze the target. Rukia uses this on Ichigo upon their first meeting.
Bakudou #9 - Geki ("Conquer") Surrounds the target in a red light that restricts movement.
Incantation: Disintegrate, black dog of Rondaniini. Look upon your burning soul and sever your throat.
Bakudou #58 - Kakushitsuijaku ("Call forth the tracing sparrow") Traces the location of a target soul.
Incantation: Heart of the south, eye of the north, fingertip of the west, heel of the east, gather by wind, and scatter by rain.
Bakudou #61 - Rikujoukourou ("Six staves of binding light") Movement of the opponent is bound by six bands of light.
Bakudou #75 - Gochuutekkan ("Five pillar iron brace") An iron chain is fastened, then five pillars seal the target's whole body.
Incantation: Wall of iron sand, pagoda of priestly form, shimmering fireflies of iron, fill until the silent end.
Bakudou #77 - Tenteikuura ("Heavenly rickshaw of the silky sky") Directly relays a message to any number of target souls.
Incantation: Net of black and white, 22 bridges, 66 peerless domains, footprints, distant thunder, crest of the mountains, volatile earth, enshroud by night, sea of clouds, blue formations, rise into the towering circle and charge across the heavens.
Bakudou #99 - Kin ("Seal") Partly immobilizes the target's body.
Bakudou #99 Second Style - Bankin ("Complete seal") The first song called shiryuu ("halting wrap") constricts the target with a bandage-like cloth. The second song called hyakurensan ("100 joined locks") pierces the target the timber. The final song called bankin taihou ("final prohibition, immense seal") drops an immense boulder over the target.

Hadou #4 - Byakurai ("White lightning") Fires a bolt of lightning from the caster's finger.
Hadou #31 - Shakkahou ("Red Flame Gun") Attacks the target with a red blast of fire.
Incantation: Oh ruler, mask of flesh and blood, all creations of the universe, fluttering of the wings, ye who bears the name of man! Scorching heat and disorder, evolve the transposition of the southern sea barrier.
Hadou #33 - Soukatsui ("Blue Fireball") Fires blue fire blasts at the target.
Incantation: Oh ruler, mask of flesh and blood, all creations of the universe, fluttering of the wings, ye who bears the name of man! Truth and temperance, strike but slightly your claw upon this wall which feigns ignorance of sin!
Hadou #54 - Haien ("Incinerating Flame") Completely detroys a target by burning it to ash.
Hadou #63 - Raikouhou ("Roaring Thunder Burn") Calls forth a wave of thunder that seeks the target.
Incantation: Bone of a straggling beast, spire, crimson crystal, disc of steel, when the wind shifts, and the emptiness ceases, let the clash of lances resonate through the relinquished castle.
Hadou #90 - Kurohitsugi ("Black Coffin") Summons a black coffin, which surrounds, then severly damages the target.

Other classes of Demon Arts:
Hakufuku ("White Prostration"): Causes a target to lose consciousness.
Kyoumon ("Mirror Gate"): A high class barrier that reflects attacks from the outside. However, it is easy to break from the inside.  


Wow. Thank you for posting this all in one place!!
No prob. ;3

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