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Apr. 28th, 2008


[Mod Post] Premise

Starting nine years after Urahara Kisuke becomes captain, both Kurotsuchi Mayuri and Urahara Kisuke are experimenting within their new institute of Research and Development. But at the same time strange things are happening in Rukongai: souls are disappearing, leaving only their clothing behind, and there’s been a large influx of Hollows entering Soul Society. In accordance with these unusual circumstances, the Gotei 13 have been kept busy with investigations of these bizarre and worrying occurrences, which are not merely limited to the Rukongai incidents. Shinigami are also being affected - captains, lieutenants, and other highly ranked squad members are coming and going at a ridiculously quick rate. Some disappear and are never seen again, some are found dead, and still others are being promoted to higher positions to fill in for those who have disappeared.

Despite the grave nature of the situation, Rukongai has been ignored for months due to the indifference of the noble clans. The souls who inhabit Rukongai are growing restless and fearful, directing this attitude at the Shinigami who are trying to help them, and the noble clans who are, perhaps, directing the Gotei 13's attention towards the arguably more "important" and less frequent disappearances of clan members. It is becoming increasingly apparent that conflict between Rukongai and Seireitei is inevitable, especially because of the heavy influence the noble families have over the way Soul Society is being run. While it is true the Central 46 are in charge of the Gotei 13, it is clear that the traditional views held and enforced by the four noble clans are a formidable force to contend with -- even when the vast majority of the newest groups of shinigami recruits have their roots in Rukongai and not the wealthy families, as it had once been.

Thus, not only are there suspicious activities being conducted in Soul Society, and dangers lurking in the not-so-distant future, but there is also a cultural revolution looming. On one hand are the nobles, who believe that purer bloodlines are better, that the traditional ways are best, that the economic and social stratification represents a divide between perfection and imperfection. On the other hand there are the shinigami who were born in Rukongai, and who are suddenly formulating the vast majority of the Gotei 13: those who believe that science should be taken to the next level, that progress should be made for the sake of progress, and that money is not truly a measure of an individual's worth.

Beneath the surface of this seemingly perfect afterlife, there's a storm brewing, and it's only a matter of time before the cloud cover breaks.

Noble Families: Yamamoto, Shihouin, Shiba, Kuchiki

Minor Nobility: Ukitake, Kira, Kyouraku


[MOD POST] rules




[MOD POST] Extra Information

This isn't mandatory to read, but a lot of this may help. This'll be expanded once we find new info over the next while. If there's anything you think would be interesting to tack on, please don't hesitate to suggest!

Division Symbols
Soul Society Hierarchy

How to become a captainCollapse )

Apr. 27th, 2008


[MOD POST] Setting/Locations

The following are the three main settings of the game. As the human world does exist, but is not to be set in, it is purposely being left out. Screencap credit goes to both Bleach Exile and magnolium.

RUKONGAICollapse )

SEREITEICollapse )



[MOD POST] Taken/Available Characters

Taken & Available CharactersCollapse )


[MOD POST] Kidou/Demon Arts

Taken from Bleach7, this is probably not an up to date list, but that's not really necessary:
BakudouCollapse )
HadouCollapse ) 


[MOD POST] Encyclopedia/Terms

While many of these are self-explanatory and should be well-known, here is a refresher for some important terms that'll be scattered throughout the repeat and are generally good to know about.

List under here.Collapse )


[MOD POST] Reserved Characters


Hirako Shinji || magnolium || 05.04.08
Hisana || bellumina || 05.04.08
Kurotsuchi Mayuri || keikain || 05.04.08
Matsumoto Rangiku || magnolium || 05.04.08
Muguruma Kensei || keikain || 05.04.08
Sarugaki Hiyori || bellumina || 05.04.08

Reservations last for seven days. At the end of seven days, you may renew your hold only once, and this renewal will last for another seven days. After that, the character is fair game for another person to reserve. You may reserve only TWO characters at a time.


[MOD POST] Application

Upon filling out this application form, please send it to turnthemods@gmail.com. If it is not sent there, we will not be able to give you a verdict on your application. All questions regarding the application may also be sent there as well, or asked in comments to this post.

Personal information

LJ Username: You must have one to be part of the game.
YIM/MSN/AIM screen names: (While you're welcome to list all your screen names, we require that you have a YAHOO MESSENGER username, as that is the messenger of choice for this roleplay. It will make getting into contact with your fellow players much easier.)
Current gaming commitments: Games and number of characters.

Character information

Name: Surname then given name. (ex: Hirako Shinji, not Shinji Hirako)
Position in the game: (Ex: Academy student, Pre-Academy age, 4th Division Lieutenant, 8th Division Captain, 7th Division member, 9th Division third seat, Soul Society resident, etc.)
Character history: Exactly what it sounds like.
Roleplay sample: This should include interaction with the character you're applying for, as well as interaction with someone else (preferably an OC) just so we get an idea of your voice both in description and dialogue.

*If a character has a history, DO NOT SUPPLY YOUR OWN HISTORY.

Apr. 26th, 2008

jack/kate • lemme help you there



Mod Duties

+ timeline [KENDRA]
+ reserved characters [KENDRA]
+ taken/available characters [KENDRA]
+ rules [ALL/ANGIE]
+ plot/setting post [ALL/ANGIE]
+ character profiles [KENDRA]
+ contact list [KENDRA]
+ whatever other lists [ANGIE]
+ dictionary posts [ANGIE]
+ tagging untagged posts on OOC, Main, and Forum community. [ANGIE]

+ promotion [APRIL]

+ looking over applications [ALL]
+ sending out rejection/acceptance letters [APRIL]
+ making drop/add notices on the comm [APRIL]
+ sending out warnings for breaking rules/inactivities [APRIL]
+ sending out strikes [APRIL]


Aigawa Love [7th Division Captain]
Aizen Sousuke [5th Division Lieutenant]
Ayasegawa Yumichika
Hirako Shinji [5th Division Captain]
Iba Tetsuzaemon
Ichimaru Gin [5th Division member]
Ise Nanao
Komamura Sajin
Kotetsu Isane
Kuchiki Taichou [6th Division Captain]
Kuna Mashiro [9th Division Lieutenant]
Kurosaki Isshin
Kurotsuchi Mayuri [12th Division member]
Kyouraku Shunsui [8th Division Captain]
Madarame Ikkaku [11th Division member]
Matsumoto Rangiku
Miyako [13th Division member]
Muguruma Kensei [9th Division Captain]
Rose [3rd Division Captain]
Sarugaki Hiyori [12th Division Lieutenant]
Sasakibe Chōjirō [1st Division Lieutenant]
Shiba Kuukaku
Shiba Kaien [13th Division member]
Shihouin Yoruichi [2nd Division Captain, Commander of Special Mobile Corps, Corps Commander of the Corrections Corps]
Soi Fong [2nd Division Lieutenant]
Tousen Kaname
Ukitake Jyuushirou [13th Division Captain]
Unohana Retsu [4th Division Captain]
Urahara Kisuke [12th Division Captain]
Yadomaru Lisa [8th Division Lieutenant]
Yamamoto Genryuusai [1st Division Captain]


Hisagi Shuuhei
Kotetsu Kiyone
Kotsubaki Sentarou
Yamada Hanatarou


Abarai Renji
Hinamori Momo
Hitsugaya Toushirou
Kira Izuru


Hikifune Kirio
Ishida Ryuuken
Ishida Souken
Ishida Uryuu
Kurosaki Ichigo
Kurosaki Karin
Kurosaki Yuzu
Kurosaki Masaki
Kurotsuchi Nemu

All humans
All Arrancar and Hollows <- think Cirucci, Doldoni, Alturo, Gantenbein, etc.
All modified Souls.

I'm getting to this week's chapter
which takes place 9 years after Urahara became captain
why don't we set it then?
it's like ... perfect timing.
Byakuya, Rangiku, etc will be in the shinigami ranks
and Hisana will be that age-ish
dunno what we'd do about Renji, Rukia, Kira, Hitsu, and Momo though
Which would be what, teenage ish?
Or younger
yeah, they'd probably be like ... idk, 17 or 18 in our lives, I guess?
Because Byakuya was training for the academy
but the Academy's only three or four years
and Gin graduated in one and is the same age as Byakuya
So Ran'd be about the same age
We can prolly make the rest of them like... younger
Shuuhei's only a few years older than Rukia and co, isn't he?
so he'd be either Academy age or in the ranks, depending on what the player wants to do with him
and we can have Rukia/Momo/Kira/Renji around ... idk, just prior to being academy age, or just entering to make play easier?

/end Kendra babble.